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Ranger Advancement
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Camporee 2005
May 13-15, 2003

Crew 210 was on staff for Thunderbird's Camporee.
In attendance: Amy, KC, Clint, Aaron, Jean, Addy, Brian,
and Charlotte
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There were 10 events. The ones not shown on this page include a compass course, a fly tying contest, and the obstacle course. We have one long video of the obstacle course, but nothing for the other two events. And yes, those boxers are size 62 and were new.

General and Group Shots

Supply Transport

The goal here is to construct a tripod on either side of the river (tarp) with a line going across to carry a bucket of items over the water to the other side using a pulley system.

Rescue 911

After breaking this gentleman's leg the rest of the way, the crew finally decides to 'save' his life. This was a fun activity and very well led. All of our members enjoyed laughing with our patient.

What's for Dinner?

We started with a teepee fire idea but quickly switched to a cabin fire layout. We then had to put a grate over the fire to hold up the tin can of water mixed with dish soap. We put two pieces of our wood over the can to help with boiling. When the fire got hot enough to boil the water, the soap bubbled up and over the side completing our goal!


Read, Aim, Fire

Place in the bean bag, pull the sling shot back, WAY back, and LAUNCH towards the target area with a five gallon bucket at it's center. Only some of the groups managed to get the bag in the bucket. Either way everyone had fun with this event.


Put out the fire!

Grab your squirt gun and fill the bucket! This is relay based. Fill your squirt gun as fast as possible, pump the gun, and squirt as much water in the bucket as you can before you run empty. Then switch to the next person. Our crew put five cups in the bucket.

Lift that Bale

The idea behind this one is to construct a tripod with a pulley system for holding a bucket over a fire (fire not available). The event is timed and only one stake (for tying off) is readily available. In order to be scored properly, the tripod must be functional and bucket raised/lowered.

Walk the Walk

This is a blind obstacle course where your leader is your eyes. Follow the instructions and keep at least one foot on the board in order to pass the event. We have several videos of this event in lieu of pictures. Ask Brian to see them.

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